Responsible Digital Interactions

Improving human-machine interactions – using digital interventions and advanced analytics

Responsible Digital Interactions

We seek to understand how new technologies – like conversational agents, holographic or virtual reality – can improve interactions between humans and machines:

  • When can personalization improve human-machine interactions? And when can it not?
  • When are digital interactions preferable to personal interactions? And when are they not?
  • What promotes trust in human-machine interactions? And what does not?

Creating Value for Society

Our focus is on generating value for society through excellent research in areas of societal relevance.

Interdisciplinary and Applied

We draw on a broad variety of disciplines, methods and technologies for our applied research.

  • Disciplines: cognitive and behavioral sciences, service marketing, ethics, applied mathematics and computer science
  • Methods and technology: data science (including machine and deep learning), experiments, internet of things and devices, cloud computing
  • Applied research: in collaboration with partners from business or society

Photo Credit: Gian Klain 2019