Responsible Digital Interactions

The Mobiliar Lab for Analytics is dedicated to investigating and improving human-machine interactions by the means of digital interventions and advanced analytics. The Lab is a joint initiative of ETH Zurich and Mobiliar.

An Answer to Digitalization’s Challenge and Opportunities

Digitalization leads increasingly to

  • personal interactions being replaced by digital ones,
  • trust in a digital context gaining importance,
  • decisions being delegated to machines.

This creates new opportunities and challenges for society and business and is the point of departure for the Lab’s research.

Responsible Digital Interactions

We seek to understand

  • how new technologies can improve human-machine interactions,
  • when personalization can improve human-machine interactions,
  • when digital interactions are preferable to personal interactions,
  • what promotes trust in human-machine interactions.

Interdisciplinary and Applied

  • Interdisciplinary: cognitive and behavioral sciences, service marketing, ethics, applied mathematics and computer science.
  • Methods and technology: data science (including machine and deep learning), experiments, Internet of things and devices, cloud computing.
  • Research projects: with practical applications with partners from business or society.

Creating Impact

With our insights and solutions we seek to improve the interaction between humans and machines and strengthen trust in digital interactions.