Responsible Digital Interactions

Improving digital interactions – using emerging technologies and artificial intelligence

Responsible Digital Interactions

Increasingly personal interactions are being replaced by digital interactions. Emerging technologies and artificial intelligence offer new opportunities like remote working or new communication channels. At the same time detrimental effects stemming from excessive use of digital technologies for individual wellbeing and societal resilience are becoming apparent.

With our research we aim to contribute to a responsible use of digital interactions and to addressing the associated detrimental effects. Thereby we contribute to society’s ability to innovate and strengthen its resilience.

Creating Value for Society

Our focus is on generating value for society through excellent research in areas of societal relevance. We develop and test digital applications with a focus on improving digital interactions in a business and educational environment. Further, we support the implementation in real-world applications to ensure impact for society. Specifically we explore:

  • Can virtual reality reduce stress?
  • Can holographic reality improve learning?
  • Can chatbots foster trust?
  • Can telematics improve road safety?

Interdisciplinary and Applied

We draw on a broad variety of disciplines, methods and technologies for our applied research.

  • Disciplines: cognitive and behavioral sciences, service marketing, ethics, applied mathematics and computer science
  • Methods and technology: data science (including machine and deep learning), experiments, internet of things and devices, cloud computing
  • Applied research: in collaboration with partners from business or society

Photo Credit: Gian Klain 2019